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Break Me Brayshaw Review

Just Released- Break Me, standalone in the Brayshaw Series by Meagan Brandy.

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I knew this book would break me...

I just didn't know how much.

I read this book with a mix of laughter and tears, loving every second of it.

This was the perfect book for Royce, and he was perfect. Brielle was incredible and brave and exactly what he needs.

What I really want to say is, thank you Meagan. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've loved Pony man from the beginning. His light, love, loyalty, honor. How he cared so deeply for everyone around him.

I read this and think of the Royce who split his donuts with RaeRae, who jokes and teases his family about everything, who will do anything to protect someone hurt by someone else.

He was and is the hero we all needed.

Here's to the amazing release for Royce Fucking Brayshaw


Here's a few of my favorite quotes, so slight spoilers ahead.






“I know what you’re doing,” she rasps. “And you can kiss my ass if you think this will work, but go ahead, Playboy. Break me if you dare.”

“You drive?” “Yeah.” “Good.” She closes Zoey’s door. “‘Cause this shit’s about to get interesting in three, two...” All at once, the boys come out of their state of shock, each shouting the same exact thing at the same exact moment. “Holy shit! The fuckin’ baby!” And then Maddoc passes out.

“You’re adorably wrong, Playboy.”

“Sorry, Tink, no time for dick dazing. Clothes back on.”


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